Corporate Profile

The company resulting from the merger between Rumo and ALL, completed in 2016, currently Latin America’s largest independent rail-based logistics operator, offering a complete range of logistics services with domestic and international intermodal door-to-door transportation operations, local pick-up and delivery, port terminal  and warehousing services, including inventory and distribution-centers management. Our core service area extends over Mato Grosso and São Paulo states and the southernmost states of Brazil. Our rail network serves an area that accounts for approximately 80% of Brazil’s GDP, where four of the most active ports in the country are located and through which most of Brazil’s grain production is exported. 

We own and operate a large asset base, including a rail network consisting of four rail concessions that extend over approximately 12 thousand kilometers of railway lines, 1,000 locomotives, 25,000 rail cars, distribution centers and warehousing facilities. In addition, real estate leased to us pursuant to our concessions includes properties that are available for construction and development of warehouses and logistics terminals in Brazil. We store grains, sugar and other agricultural commodities in our terminals in the port of Santos in São Paulo, Paranaguá in Paraná and elsewhere in many  states. 

We operate twelve main inland terminals, either directly or through our partners, which have a static capacity of  approximately 900 thousand tons. Moreover, we have ownership interests in six port terminals, five of which are in the port of Santos, São Paulo and one in the port of Paranaguá, Paraná, with a storage capacity of approximately 1.3 million tons and a loading capacity of approximately 29 million tons per year. 

Our extensive asset base allows us to provide transportation services to customers in a wide variety of market sectors, which primarily include agricultural commodities such as grains, sugar and sugarcane derivative products, but also include fuel, construction materials, pulp and paper, steel products, chemicals, petrochemicals, electric and electronic goods, automotive parts, packaging materials and beverages. 

Rumo S.A. (“RAIL3”) is listed since 2015 in the highest level of corporate governance "Novo Mercado" on the BM&FBovespa.

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